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Classic Cake Flavors ($4.00/slice, add $1.50/slice for fondant)

Vanilla cake + vanilla buttercream filling
Chocolate cake + chocolate buttercream filling
Chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream filling
Vanilla cake + chocolate buttercream filling

Specialty Cake Flavors ($4.50/slice, add $1.50/slice for fondant)

Chocolate cake + cream cheese filling
Vanilla cake + cream cheese filling
Vanilla cake + blackberry and cream cheese filling
Butter cake + chocolate buttercream filling
Chocolate + caramel & chocolate buttercream filling
Almond cake + vanilla buttercream filling
Chocolate + strawberry & chocolate buttercream filling
Lemon cake + blueberry filling

Premium Cake Flavors ($5.00/slice, add $1.50/slice for fondant)

Red Velvet cake + cream cheese filling
Italian Cream cake + cream cheese filling
Coconut cake + coconut cream filling
Tiramisu cake + coffee liqueur filling
German Chocolate cake + coconut pecan filing
Chocolate cake + cookies ‘n’ cream filling
Chocolate cake + peanut butter buttercream filling
Strawberry cake + coconut, pecans and cream cheese filling
Carrot cake + cream cheese filling
Pumpkin spice cake + cream cheese filling
Chocolate cake + hazelnut buttercream filling
Island spice cake + cream cheese pecan filling
Almond cake + peach amaretto filling
Vanilla cake + banana jam filling *signature flavor*

Iced buttercream (traditional finish)
Rolled fondant (satin finish)

Cupcakes (please email us to discuss specialty designs/fillings)
Classic Flavors start at $3.00/cupcake
Specialty Flavors start at $3.50/cupcake
Premium Flavors start at $4.00/cupcake

Cake Balls ($2.00 each or $20.00/dozen of one flavor) / Cake Pops, ($2.50 each or $30/dozen)

Red Velvet
Birthday Cake
German Chocolate
Coconut Cream
Rocky Road
Heath Bar
Italian Cream Cake
Reese’s Pieces
Mint Chocolate Chip
Pink Cookie
Almond Joy
Island Spice
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Salted Caramel
Lemon (seasonal)
Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)

Chocolate Chip, $1.25 each
Decorated Sugar Cookies (call to discuss specialty shapes/designs), starting at $4.00 each
Snickerdoodles, $1.25 each
Grandma's Cookies (chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, coconut, craisins, walnuts), $2.00 each
Blondies, $1.50 each
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches, $3.00 each
French Macarons, $2.25 each (1 dozen per color)

Pies ($25) / Pie Pops ($4.00 each) / 3" Mini Pies ($5.00 each)

*cannot be made into pie pops

Cake Stand Rentals
Sugar Bee Sweets now offers cake stand rentals for your special event! We have antique, modern, classy, and sassy cake stands and presentation pieces. Check out our galleries for pictures! Rentals are $25.00 for a 3-day rental. E-mail/call us to arrange rental or if you have any questions!

**All specialty orders must be confirmed 1 week prior to pickup/delivery with a 50% deposit made at the time the order is placed.**